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Get Paid for your Opinion!!

I’ve never been one for online scams, get rich quick schemes, Bernie Madoff pyramids or the late night, no money down, overnight stock market millionaire infomercials. In fact, I’m a firm subscriber of the “If it sounds to good to … Continue reading

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Free Credit Score and Lane Bryant!

While the country is righteously outraged as a result of  the recent controversy surrounding the now  infamous Lane Bryant lingerie commercial – a dynamic issue further dividing a nation already at odds over national healthcare, financial regulatory reform, a nuclear Iran and Ben … Continue reading

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Sex is Cheap!!

Let’s be honest … there are a number of ways in which sex can be cheap. Far be it from me to let this post delve into deviant dalliances … but suffice it to say that many of us may look … Continue reading

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FICO Score – the 5 components

The FICO score .  Yes, that 3 digit number that reflects our credit worthiness and more importantly, the rates and terms that lenders will offer us on various loans (mortgages, car loans, etc).   But what goes into it?  How is our FICO score … Continue reading

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Personal Finance and …. Bling?

Is there a place for jewelry in the mind of the 30 year old former debt addict?  Do I dare delve into temporary debt and pull out the credit card for a pair of diamond earrings?  I’ve been doing so well with … Continue reading

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Tax on Sales Commission

Ouch! As a long time sales professional it’s always a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to commission payments on sales.  The best way I can describe it is that feeling you got as a kid on Christmas morning … Continue reading

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iPhone and iSave

I’ve always been that guy when it comes to cell phones.  And anybody reading this probably knows at least one guy like me –  the guy that always goes with the free phone when I’m signing up for my cell phone plan … Continue reading

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No Federal Income Tax?!

I read an article on MSNBC today with the headline: “Half of Americans pay No Federal Income Tax: Credit for low – and middle – income families exempt many” This is the image that immediately came to mind.   What do you … Continue reading

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What's Your Current non-Mortgage Debt?

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Closing Credit Card Accounts?

To close or not to close – that is the question I am currently pondering with regards to the stack of credit cards I’ve accumulated over the years.  I’ve got those cards I first signed up for in college, the … Continue reading

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Student Loan Debt – update

At the start of this blog – mere months ago – I had two student loan debts that I have been paying off one sad monthly payment at a time since early 2004.  For the sake of brevity – and … Continue reading

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