So what is the Debt March?

Key statistics about your humble author:

Approaching 30 years old, single, renting, most valuable possession – 2003 Toyota Camry, reasonably employed (annual income of $52,000 on my most recent tax returns) and ….

$30,000 in DEBT!!!

Have you heard the saying – “Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction”? 

Well, for me it’s been a case of wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to personal financial destruction. 

Getting into debt is so easy.  It requires no thought.  In fact, it’s easier to not think about.  For me, it’s been death by a thousand cuts …. lunch out on a credit card here, happy hour on a credit card there, new TV …. charge it!, new work shirts at the mall … open a credit card!, live beyond my means, spend like crazy and keep lying to myself regarding the reality of my financial situation … ah, check, check, and check. 

But to continue the theme,  this blog will chronicle my journey out of Debt … and will hopefully serve as a sort of Dante-esque penitent personal  journey – from Debt Hell, to Debt Purgatory, and finally to Debt-free Paradise.  Yeah, I know … a bit over the top, but hopefully the two of you who have randomly stumbled across this blog will forgive the self-indulgence. 

So what am I chronicling?  Well, I’m not sure yet … but this blog is my promise to take at least one tangible action each day to improve my overall personal financial situation.   Maybe that means posting things I’ve learned -how I danced with a Monthly Budget in the pale moonlight and finally won, my review of some advice given by one of the countless financial gurus out there, and hopefully, a series of real life examples of how I navigate this Debt March to financial freedom (whatever that means?!?). 

And seriously, if you managed to read any of this … leave me a comment.  The web doesn’t have to be an impersonal place and I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. pasankoangdaigdig says:

    i was starting my blog too of getting away with debts – it is similarly titled. Oh well because we would have the same journey i guess…hope to get tips from your blog too.

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