Free Credit Score and Lane Bryant!

While the country is righteously outraged as a result of  the recent controversy surrounding the now  infamous Lane Bryant lingerie commercial – a dynamic issue further dividing a nation already at odds over national healthcare, financial regulatory reform, a nuclear Iran and Ben Rothlisberger – I recently stumbled upon a really useful site called “Credit Karma” –

Lane Bryant Ad

As promised, the site provides users with an absolutely free, no strings attached credit score (which comes courtesy of TransUnion).  I signed up for an account on the site this morning and in a matter of minutes had a free credit score along with a “Report Card” that provided grades for the various components compromising my credit score (see my previous post “FICO – the 5 components for a closer look at these categories). 
A couple of other useful features on the site – you can compare your credit score to others in your state, age group, and the Credit Karma community.  Additionally, the site lets you simulate the various effects certain financial decisions (making a late payment, reducing credit card debt, etc) can have on your overall credit score.  And best of all – the site will update your score monthly (again, at no charge).  In my opinion, this is one of the most useful benefits of the website as it allows you to consistently monitor the effect of your personal financial decisions. 

I encourage all of you to visit Credit Karma.   While I’ve got no incentive to push the website nor a financial connection of any sort, I think this site can be a useful tool (one of many) in monitoring your overall personal finance efforts.  It’s easy to use, gives you immediate access to your credit score, and requires no financial committment (the site supports itself by promoting various financial products touted as money savings options – low fee credit cards, savings accounts, etc).  

And since I’ve made it through today’s Wall Street Journal already, found a useful free credit score website and managed to squeeze in a post on my blog … I’m going to allow myself a few quick comments on the Lane Bryant lingerie commercial issue currently being touted as Cleavage-gate. 

* that Lane Bryant model is absolutely gorgeous.  I wonder if she digs guys that are in debt?

* as a guy I think it’s great that there’s some buzz around the idea of a  normal, healthy looking woman.   Give me more images like this on TV and spare me the girls of “16 and Pregnant”, the monsters of “Real Housewives of Orange County”, and quasi-celebrity disgraces like Kate Gosselin or Octomom.   

* Do I mind looking at Victoria’s Secret models (cast in the role of opposition in this ‘controversy’) – not by a long shot.  Do I think they are the most accurate representation of what a healthy, balanced woman looks like –  absolutely not. 

* I’m shocked that of all the crap on TV (some of which I’m probably guilty of watching on occasion) that anybody could find this commercial offensive or inappropriate.  Isn’t Fox the same network that aired “The Simple Life”?  And doesn’t ABC produce “Desperate Housewives”, the zeitgeist of modern womanhood in America? 

* Aren’t we a silly little nation when Yahoo web trends soar with searches for “Lane Bryant Commercials” and personal finance bloggers with an unsubstantiated sense of self-importance feel the need to weigh in on Cleavage-gate?

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