Sex is Cheap!!

Let’s be honest … there are a number of ways in which sex can be cheap. Far be it from me to let this post delve into deviant dalliances … but suffice it to say that many of us may look back at a booze fueled weekend in Las Vegas, too much champagne at college roommates wedding, or that Christmas work party incident with what’s her face that required a walk of shame into the office the following Monday morning … as the backdrop of a an episode that might rightly be classified as ‘cheap’ sex.   

Perhaps we’ve looked back at such escapades with regret or fondness … amused or disgusted by our own foolish sense of au natural adventure. Regardless, I’m suggesting that we may all have had some ‘cheap’ sex at some point in our lives.

But since embarking on my quest to become debt free … ahem, my personal Debt March (author holds up pinky to corner of mouth ala Austin Powers) … I’ve had to consider diverse financial matters that previously escaped my daily thoughts – a monthly budget, living below my means, focusing my expendable income on paying off debt, and perhaps learning to be a bit more frugal.

And there you have it folks … today’s word is Frugal. Yes, for months now I’ve visited your weblogs – all with there obligatory “Frugal” sections touting dinner recipes, walks in the park, great sites for coupons, nights at home with the Scrabble board and a variety of other cost savings tips for life’s expenses and entertainment.

Bravo you monastic clan of personal finance gurus and bloggers out there in cyberspace! Let the masses stand upon their desks shouting “Oh Captain, My Captain” at your inspirational words and encouraging blog entries.  Yes, I can’t wait to take my paycheck, put 10% of it directly into savings, pay my monthly living expenses, split the rest between Citibank and my Stafford Loan and sit down on the couch for an enjoyable night of Bill Moyers on PBS (because of course I canceled cable) and a hot serving of leftovers from last night’s tuna casserole courtesy of!!

So I’ve been pondering …. because hell, living on a budget and below my means leaves me quite a bit more time to consider such deep thoughts about  the universe as cheap sex, Bill Moyers and tuna casserole … do all of you personal finance bloggers and preachers have more or less sex than the average credit card junky buried in debt?  And if you are having more, how come I never see sex touted on your “Check out Big Smart Personal Finance Guy’s Frugal Money Saving Tips section!”  Where’s “Frugal Diva’s” shout out to sex as one of the financially savvy girls closest allies? 

I for one have been resorting to sex as my top frugal distraction since staring this project at the beginning of the year and I’d encourage all of you to do the same.  Feel like going out for a fancy dinner – nope, not as good as staying home and ‘eating out’.  Front row tickets to Shakespeare … me thinks my mistress would rather lie with me!  Charge a new outfit at the mall … I always think my girl looks better with nothing on. 

But let’s promote frugal things that are actually enjoyable (ahem … sex) with the same gusto as the coupon clipping,  yard sales,  garden planting and breakfast budget cutting tips!  Lets inject a little marketing and salesmanship into the personal finance message … after all, are all of you just trying to make a few extra bucks from Google AdSense or are you really trying to promote financial responsibility? 

So here  are my closing thoughts and financial tips of the day  –

“Debt is expensive.  Sex is cheap!”


“Put your credit cards away … there are more enjoyable ways to get screwed!”

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